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      SELECT, i.parent_i_id, i.fs_id, IFNULL(i.`order`, as `order`, i.path,, i.temp, i.create_datetime, i.edit_datetime, i.hits,
        fs.primary_f, fs.has_tags, fs.template, fs.is_static, fs.is_extra, fs.is_dynamic, fs.ordering,
 as f_id, f.type as f_type, f.sub_fs_id as f_sub_fs_id,
 as f_name, f.label as f_label, f.desc as f_desc, f.`order` as f_order,
          fi.value, as fis_id, fis.value as fis_value,
            fp.key as fp_key, fp.value as fp_value,
 as t_id, t.tag as t_tag

      FROM i_item i
      LEFT JOIN fs_fieldset fs ON = i.fs_id

        LEFT JOIN f_field f ON
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